Download and Install Customized Franco Kernel On OnePlus 5T

Nowadays, Android customers are not satisfied with the experience of device OEM. All these users want more from there device and choose to customize their Android device by installing custom ROMs, kernels etc. In this article, I am going to provide you the resource for downloading and installing the customized Franco Kernel for OnePlus 5T.

Franco Kernel is the most popular custom kernel for getting better battery life and more customization options have now been made available for the. This custom ROM is compatible with the Builds starting with r17 and also with Open Beta 2. Also, builds starting with r18 is fairly compatible with Android 8.1.0 Custom ROMs.

Custom Kernel is the modified stock kernel your device comes with. It is essential to achieve some operations which you cannot perform with the Kernel provided by the Manufacturer. Before starting the guide, let’s take a look at the features of the Customized Franco Kernel.

Features of Customized Franco Kernel

1. Auto flash updates

The most convenient thing that a custom kernel offers is the ability to install its updates with just a click and the same goes with Franco Kernel as well. It can also be installed with just a click whenever the updates are available.

2. Backup & Restore

The Customized Franco Kernel offers the user to take the backup of the kernel so that whenever you upgrade your device, you have the option to roll back the feature.

3. CPU Governors

With the help of these kinds of Custom Kernels, users can control the usage of the device and consume battery life. This can be done by controlling the CPU usage on the device by maintaining cores of the CPU and customize the clock speeds of the CPU and GPU. This feature is offered by the Franco Kernel which is called as CPU Governors.

4. System Monitor

The Franco Kernel offers a “System” inside its kernel which enables the user to check the performance of the device. The user can check various aspects of the device like battery temperature, CPU frequency, GPU frequency and the battery left on the device.

Changelog to the Previous Version

The latest updates for the customized Franco kernel includes security fixes for r18 version. The r17 version also has all the popular features, such as Wireguard. It also brings the latest updates up to the latest upstream tag 4.4.112 and is rebased with latest CAF branch for this device’s chipset.

Files to Download for Installing the Customized Franco Kernel

Here is the list of the files which you need to download for installing the Customized Franco Kernel in your OnePlus 5T Smartphone.

  • Customized Franco kernel for Android Oreo 8.0
  • Customized Franco Kernel for Android Oreo 8.1.0


  • First, you have to.
  • Now, one of another important step which you have to take is to.
  • Charge your Phone to Full for avoiding any mishappening while rooting.
  • Take the backup of your Device. For this, you can go to this article: How to.

Steps To Install Customized Franco Kernel

Now, let’s follow these simple steps to install the Customized France Kernel on your OnePlus 5T phone.

Step 1: First, download the Franco kernel zip file from the link provided in the Download section.

Step 2: Now, rename the file to something easy which you will recognize easily.

Step 3: Transfer the file to the storage of your Oneplus 5T.

Step 4: Now, boot your device into Bootloader mode. For this, switch off your phone first and hold Volume down + Power button for few seconds.

Step 5: Flash the modded kernel zip file from the recovery. Wait while the process completes.

Step 6: Finally, reboot your phone to finish the process.

So, this is all for this article. Now, you are familiar with the flashing process of Customized Franco Kernel and successfully done the process. If you have any query related to this process, you can contact below in the comment section. If you have any other method of flashing this custom ROM, please let us know.

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