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If you have limited data pack and don’t want unwanted data loss by some applications which you use rarely, for this Google has launched aSaving App named as Datally. So, from now saving mobile data is easy with Datally. It’s a mobile data manager that will help you, save, and gain control of your data. Through tracking and controlling app data usage, you can easily cut down on how much you’re using and get the most out of your phone.

The Beta version of this app was introduced in June  2017 and was named as Triangle. But now,has changed its name to Datally and it is now available on Play Store also. There is not much change since the initial beta version. If you have used the Beta Version, then you can easily use this application and manage the Mobile Data of your phone.

The Datally App uses ato determine the data usage of every app on your phone, and allow you to block background data usage on a per-app basis. If you haveor above, then you can do it by going to settings. If not, this app will be the data savior for you. The company says it’s already hit over 500,000 users and it’s been able to save 30 percent of using mobile data.

Since this app is still in developing phase, so it is not available Worldwide. You can search it on Google Play Store. If it is available in your Play store, then install it from there, or you can download it by clicking the button below:

How to Download and Install Datally on your Phone

There are two ways of downloading this app:

  1. By Downloading apk file
  2. Using Google Play Store

1. Install by Downloading .apk File

Installing the Application using Downloaded Apk file is not much difficult. For this first,from the button above. The file will start to download and when it finishes, now you need to make sure that third-party apps are allowed on your device. 

For this, go to Menu > Settings > Security > and check Unknown Sources to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store. Now, open the file manager and go to the downloaded folder where the apk has been downloaded. Now, click on the file and click on install.

After finishing the installing, you are done now. Follow the instructions given by the application and start saving Mobile Data.

2. Using Google Play Store

Installing the Datally App from Google Play Store is same as installing other apps. I think this is known to you very well. If not, then I will give a brief. Just open the Google Play Store and Search for “Datally“. Choose the correct app and click on Download/Install. Just wait for few seconds and after installation will complete, you are done. Open the app and start using it.

Features of Datally Mobile Data Saving App

1. Save More Data

By using Datally App, you can get more data by finding nearby to watch more videos, browse mores, and download more files. The Wi-Fi Finder feature will help you to discover great Wi-Fi networks nearby with details like distance. You can also ratethat you’ve connected to and check the other user’s reviews.

2. Take Proper Control Of Data

Using the new Datally App, you can efficiently manage your data. For this, it is integrated with features like:

  • DATA SAVER: By using data saver feature, you can easily save up to 30% of mobile data* by limiting the data usage by any app. Also, you can control data usage on an app-by-app.
  • DATA SAVER BUBBLE: The Data Saver Bubble feature will allow you to see real-time app data usage, and block an app’s data usage if things get out of control. So, with this feature, you can cut the data usage and ultimately save your mobile data.

3. Understand your Data Usage

Using this app, you can easily track the data usage of a particular app and find out which app is consuming the most data. For proper data usage, this app has some features like:

  • DATA USAGE METRICS: This feature will give you the exact stats of data used by a particular app including usage history and trends over time.
  • PERSONALIZED RECOMMENDATIONS: This feature will allow you to see usage highlights, prompts to rate Wi-Fi networks, and reminders to turn on your data saver.

4. Upcoming Features

As I said earlier, this app is in developing mode. So, there are more features to be introduced like:

  • Balance checking and balance expiration reminders
  • Proactive data usage warnings and controls

So, start saving your mobile data by using Datally app. This is all for this article. Hope you have successfully downloaded the apk file of this application and run it on your Android Phone. If you have any question or want to suggest something, please comment below. 

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