Eelo – The new Android based OS that doesn’t use Google Services

In today’s telecommunication world, the most important concern is the data privacy. For providing a secure operating system, Gael Duval, creator of Mandrake Linux, the popular earlydistribution has confirmed that he is working on “eelo”, an open-source operating system that will be based on Android but won’t use any of the Google services.

It is known to every user that Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS control nearly 99 percent of the mobile operating system, while theandtried to challenge but failed in their effort. Also, it is known to everyone that Google is tracking us by catching a lot of information about what we do. To overcome the problem of data security, Gael Duval teamed up with two other developers to create eelo, an Android-based operating system that places an emphasis on privacy.

In the recent interview, Gael Duval says that:

We’re 7.6 billion people on Earth and I don’t see a good reason why they would all accept to have their private data cached by Google, Apple and a few others. People want security and better privacy and many of them are really fed up with Google. But at the same time, they want mainstream apps.

The eelo project will provide an alternative mobile operating system and associated web-services, including email,, and online office tools. It is an open source, non-profit project, in the public interest. The eelo project will release attractive-designed “privacy-enabled” smartphone ROMs and smartphones for the average user, with associated web-services.

Making an Operating System based on Android without using Google Services is not new. Earlier, the Chinese E-Commerce leader Alibaba had made an operating system calledbased on Android that drops all Google services in favor of local services. But, Gael Duval believes that he can build better than this which will provide more data security. He also says that “In the long run,, Google,etc. business models are harmful to our economic and social environments“.

Eelo is coming up with the mission of informing users about all the challenges behind their data privacy. When this OS will fully develop, they will provide a redesigned launcher, icons, notification system, and “control center”. Also, they will eliminate the , Google Play Services, and Google Services. For the regular user of Google Services, it will be very difficult to use this OS in an instant.

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Eelo’s goal for the first year will be to have the first eelo mobile phones available and have first web services, at MVP level. This would include downloadable ROMs for several devices, shipping the first mobile phones with eelo preloaded, and releasing associated web-services.

Gael Duval also explained that eelo will be based on existing Android clone, a forked version of now dead CyanogenMod. He confirms that eelo will not turn into a business like Cyanogen. Duval wants “eelo store” to be launched on Android program repositories like F-Droid and APKPure at the time of launch. The Google Services will be replaced by MicroG, an open-source implementation of Google’s proprietary Android userspace apps and libraries.

Besides Google Services, there are many internet services which are hidden to the general users like Domain Name System (DNS) track down the personal data. For eliminating these leaches, eelo will use the Quad 9 DNS. The Global Cyber Alliance (GCA)’s Quad 9 preserves privacy while blocking access to known malicious sites.

So, let’s see how long this experiment will work. While alternatives to Android andhave failed more. It is all up to the users and the user experience. If eelo will be able to provide the user with the best secure operating system, then hopefully it will give a tough competition to.

This is all for this article. Hope all your doubts about Eelo will be cleared. If you have any question or want to suggest some more important information about eelo, then please comment below.

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