How to Download and Install Android ADB and Fastboot on Mac

If you want to root your Android device using your PC, then you need toor Mac PC. In the previous article, we have covered about installing the same on Windows PC, but if you are Mac OS X user, installing process of ADB and Fastboot is different.

If you like to experiment with your Android phone by installing the different firmware, installing the custom ROM and kernel, and rooting them, you need tothe bootloader and then install custom recovery and also need to install the ADB and Fastboot Drivers. So, in this article, I am going to provide you the full guide with the help of which you can easily Download and Install the ADB and Fastboot on Mac OS X.

Before starting the steps, first I will give you a brief introduction to ADB and Fastboot Drivers.

ADB – Android Debug Bridge

Android Debug Bridge or ADB is a communication tool which makes it easy to send a broad array of terminal commands that includes basicshell commands along with some specialty developer commands. It is basically a command line tool that does the communication between your Android device and a computer via command prompt.

With ADB, you can easily control your device using, transfer files and it runs powerful shell commands. ADB can be used to send terminal commands to an Android device for changing the system level. Before using ADB, you must have debugging enabled on the device.


Fastboot is also a part ofSoftware Development Kit (SDK). It is basically a diagnostic tool used to modify the Android file system from a computer when the smartphone is in bootloader mode. Fastboot tools become necessary when it is required for you to modify your Android device’s firmware. This tool enables your device to send commands to the bootloader that simply means that you can modify/flash things like custom recoveries and other entities.

The Fastboot tool could be helpful for reflashing partition and image files on your device. You can also install the updates and zip files using Fastboot.

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Steps to Install Android ADB & Fastboot Drivers on Mac OS X

Step 1: First, you have to .

Step 2: After downloading the Zip file, now you have to extract that file to a folder using Archive manager.

Step 3: Now, open the Launchpad and launch the Terminal on your Mac OS X. You can also open the Terminal from utility folder by pressing Shift+Command+U.

Step 4: After you opened the terminal, now you have to open the Finder app.

Step 5: With the help of Finder app, navigate to the extracted directory for the file labeled as “” which you have extracted in Step 2.

Step 6: After finding the file, now you have to simply drag and drop that file from Finder & app to the Terminal window. See the image below for reference.

Step 7: Now, you can see the “” on the Terminal Window. Select that file and press Enter Key.

Step 8: After hitting the Enter, you will be asked to enter your Account Password as shown in below image.

Step 9: Enter your Account Password of yourand press Enter Key.

After entering the Password and pressing the Enter, the process of installing the ADB and USB Fastboot will start. Once the installation will be finished you will get a wish from it as “Nice Day“. You are done now. Now you can run and use ADB and Fastboot on your Mac OS.

So, this is all for this article. Hope you have successfully downloaded and installed the ADB and Fastboot on your Mac OS X PC. If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below. If you find this article helpful, please share it on social media and also with your friends who are looking for rooting their Android phones.

For more articles on rooting and its tools, stay tuned with us. We will try to update you with the latest guide. Thanks for reading this article.


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