How to Enable Google LENS on Non-Pixel Devices [Google Photos]

Want to enjoy the new Google Lens feature on your android smartphone, but don’t have a Google Pixel Phone. Yes, it is possible with some tricks to launch this feature in any smartphone even if its not a Pixel Phone as well. Now enjoy the power of visual analysis by clicking a picture and get all the details of it with just one click.

With the launch of Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, the company has introduced some new and advanced features which are kept exclusive to them. Sometimes, otherusers may feel very bad to not use these features. The new Pixel 2 launcher along with many other features like the Google lens are kept exclusive to Pixel phones right now. In today’s post, I am going to tell you the tricks through which you can easily enable Google Lens on any of your other than Pixels.

Before starting the final procedure, let’s figure out What is Google Lens? So, according to:

“Google Lens is an app announced by Google during Google I/O 2017, designed to bring up relevant information using visual analysis. For example, when pointing the device’s camera at a Wi-Fi label containing the network name and password, it will automatically connect to thesource that has been scanned; when directing the camera at an object, Lens will attempt to identify the object and show relevant search results and information. The lens is also integrated with the Google Photos and Google Assistant apps.”

Note: This method requires root access. I had tried this on my rooted Samsung Galaxy S7 running onand it works perfectly.

What you can do with Google Lens:

There are no of exciting things you can do with the new Google Lens. Some of them I will be writing here.

  • With the Google Lens, you can easily add contacts from a business card.
  • Translate the languages.
  • Easily identify the name of Plants and Animals.
  • Save dates to yourfrom a poster.
  • Look up the product information.
  • Scan Bar Codes and.

Enable Google Lens in Google Photos on Non-Pixel Devices

Before starting the guide, I will again remind you that this method only works of your Android Smartphone is rooter. If you had not done it yet,to learn how to Root Your Phone Easily. If there will be any method for installing the Google Lens on non-rooter phones, I will definitely update it for you guys. Till then, follow these steps for perfectly launching Google Lens on yourSmart Phone.

For me, this task is easy as I am a technical guy. This tutorial guide might be easy or hard depending on your experience with rooting and flashing mods on your Android.

Follow these 6 Steps to Enable Google Lens (With Pictures)

Now, I will try to explain the maximum number of steps for making this process easy. So, just follow the steps properly and enjoy the Google Lens on your phone.

Step 1: The first step after rooting your phone is to download the Google Lens flashable ZIP file that we will need to make this work. For downloading this it,.

Step 2: After downloading and installing the file, the next step is to boot your phone into the recovery mode. The procedure for different phones is different. You can easily find the procedure of your phone quickly on Google. Just follow some simple steps to boot your phone into the.

Step 3: After entering the Recovery mode of your phone, go to your download directory and locate the file marked in the picture. After this tap on “Install Image” button.

Step 4: After performing the above step, you will reach the next screen where you have to Swipe the Button to confirm the flash.You will see more options there, but don’t click on any other options. Only swipe the button. For reference, look on the image below.

Step 5: After confirming the flash, the system will start to flash your file. You will see some lines written on the screen. Don’t get afraid, everything is going correctly.

Step 6: After the flash is complete, tap on the “Reboot System” button to reboot your device. This is the final step of this procedure. After the reboot, you can open theapp and select any photo for extracting the information about it. Also, you can do many things which I have mentioned above.

Now, you will see the Google lens icon in the menu. You just have to click on it and then click on“GET STARTED” button. After clicking on it, you see all the possible details about this image. For this I have prepared a reference image, you can look at it below.

Like this only, now you are able to use this feature like a that on Google Pixels. Just scan business cards, QR codes, or extract any type of information form the image you want. Now, whenever you are on an image inside, just tap on the Google Lens icon and it will recognize whats inside the photo.

Every technology has its limitation, it is also with this. Sometimes it was not able to identify the name or other information as it is in developing phase. In the coming years, hope this will be available for all other devices also and will become the best in of its type.

So, this is all for this guide. The steps which I have mentioned here works correctly for me, hoping for the same for you. If you find this article resourceful, please share it on social media and also with your friends. If you have any alternate or better method for this, please comment below. Your suggestions are always valuable to us.

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