How to Encrypt your Android Phone Data? Why to Encrypt your Phone Data?

Through encryption, the data in your phone can be accessed only when yourphone is unlocked. Whenever you enter the password, pin or pattern, the data of your phone gets decrypted so that any other person might not be able to misuse the information stored on your Android phone. From a safety point of view, it is must recommend step these days to safeguard all your Android Phone’s data and you might be looking for theto Protect your Mobile.

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Why should you encrypt your Android phone?

Encryption protects any sensitive or private information on your Android phone. For e.g. corporations with any business information can use this information.

Things to be kept in mind before Enabling Encryption;

Most of the android devices have inbuilt encryption already turned on by default, in this case, there is no way to disable encryption but if your device doesn’t have an inbuilt encryption mode then there are  certain things to be kept in mind before enabling it:

  1. Slow Performance– Every time you open your phone there are chances that it will take some time to decrypt the data, this is generally not noticed by various users who are using powerful phones.
  2. One-way Encryption – Once you enable the encryption, there is no way to undo the process except by factory resetting the device and starting over from scratch. Therefore, you must think before you start the process.
  3. Temporarily unroot – If you are trying to encrypt a rooted phone you will have to face the problems, so you will have to unroot it temporarily then re-root afterward.

How to Encrypt your Phone?

  • In the settings menu tap on “security” option.
  • Now tap on the “Encrypt Phone” option.

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  • The next page will show a warning that once this process is started it can only be undone through factory settings as we discussed earlier, and then click on “encrypt phone” on the bottom of the screen.
  • After that one more warning will appear on the screen depicting not to interrupt in-between the process, now click on “encrypt phone” again.
  • The phone will get the reboot and start the encryption process, the progress bar shows the estimated time that it will take to encrypt. Once you are finished the phone will reboot and you can do your work now.
  • If you haven’t set your lock screen, password, pin or pattern then you have to set it now. You can do so by going to

Settings> Security > Screen lock option

  • Choose from the options and set the security of your phone.

In this way, you can easily encrypt your Android phone. Now, if you are getting bored and have nothing to do, you can do some great interesting things like:-

  • Download Movies on Android:
  • Backup your Android Phone:
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  • Make a Collage on your Android Phone:

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