How to Find Your Lost Android Phone Without Tracking App

One of the worst things that can happen to a person is having yourphone lost or stolen as it contains a lot of information personal as well as professional, it can be a great loss to you. You can locate yourif stolen or lost with some easy ways that we have discussed in this article;

Locating your lost phone using Google:

You can locate your lost android phone with youraccount by signing in from anotheror phone.

  1. Launch afrom aphone or tablet.
  2. Visit thehomepage.
  3. In thesearch bar type “search my android phone”.
  4. Now open thedevice manager.
  5. Enter theandlinked with your lost.

When you are able to track your lost phone you have three options available:

  • Even if your phone is on “silent mode”, you can ring your phone so that it makes noise.
  • You can alsoyourso that if someone has found your device they’ll not be able to access your home screen.
  • You can also erase or eliminate all the personal information on your

Tracking the phone with Android Lost

To track your phone withlost, your device must be connected to youraccount, it must have access to theand not running android 3.0 or higher.

  • Install thelost app fromand it will be installed on your phone remotely. To download
  • Start the app and register your device remotely by sending an SMS with the text “android lost register” to your phone.This will triggerLost to register itself using youraccount credentials.
  • Now visit thelost Website and sign in to youraccount. After doing this you can access all the remote features such as read the lateston your phone, get the location of your device, lock or unlock your phone etc. To visit site

It will take a while for the registration process to get complete.

It is a great tool to get your phone back, the only drawback is that it can tell the potential thief what’s going on.

Using Third-party apps

Wheres My Droid

This app allows you to track down your phone by making it ring, finding phone using GPS location and also remotely wiping all the data on your phone. To download

Things to be Done when you find your Device or get a New One

  • Install a tracking app on your phone such as Cerberus, to download
  • Activate thedevice manager and location history on your phone.
  • Set a password or lock screen.
  • Install theand enable the camera upload. To install Dropbox

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