How to See Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery on Android

If you are addicted to yourphone or tablet then, you must be facing a common problem of battery draining. There are various apps that are responsible for draining your battery, you can easily detect them and manage to escape from the draining of battery.

Some simple steps and you will know which apps are draining your battery and how you will be able to fix them. The steps are explained as follows:

Step 1

Open the settings of your phone by clicking on the menu button and then click “settings”.

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Step 2

In the settings menu click on “about phone”.

Step 3

Click on “battery use” in the next menu.

Step 4

Look at the apps that are consuming most of the battery, “Display” is likely to be at the top in draining the battery.

Step 5

The apps which you are not using or use very often and if they are draining your battery then open them and then click on “force stop” to stop the app.

You can also uninstall the app if you are not using it and they are irrelevant, in this way you will be able to have a great battery life of your android phone and tablets and also spending least time stcking your android phones into chargers.

In this way, you can easily detect the battery drainers app in your android phones and tablets.

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