How To Unbrick Oneplus 5T – Unroot Android Phone

While rooting an Android Smartphone, there are high chances of getting bricked if any of the steps go wrong. Rooting your android phone requires proper guideline and all the accurate software for the particular model which you are trying to root. So, in this article, I am going to give you the proper guidelines for Unbricking your Oneplus 5T phone to.

A few people think bricking means the device is dead. However, this is not always necessary. It is possible to make it functional again if you follow the right procedure. For those who are professional developers, unbricking a device is not a big thing but for those who don’t have any idea, probably it’s a daunting situation.

Basically, Bricking is of two types. First one is Soft Bricking where the phone boots but not completely. It just stays hanging on the welcome screen. And, the second one is Hard Bricking in which your device will be dead. There are many reasons which result in bricking of the phone like rooting the device, corrupt bootloader, flashing a corrupt custom ROM etc.

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Here is the list of tools required for unbricking the OnePlus 5T smartphone.

  • Unbrick Tool by OnePlus:
  • .
  • to Download the Qualcomm drivers.
  • Download and Install ADB and Fastboot on yourandPC.
  • Charge your phone battery to full for avoiding any interruption due to the power outage.

Note: Tuluzz will not be responsible if any damage occurs to your smartphone during this process.

Steps to Unbrick OnePlus 5T

Now, let’s start with the Unbricking process for your OnePlus 5T Smartphone.

Step 1: First, you have to exhaust the “Driver Signature Enforcement” on your computer. For doing this, you have to restart your Pc by holding the shift key. After rebooting your PC, you can simply choose “Troubleshoot” option. After this, click on “Advanced Options” and then on “Startup Settings“. Now click on “Restart“.

You will see a series of startup settings which you can simply modify. At the option number 7, you will find a button for disabling driver signature. Restart your PC after complete all the steps.

Step 2: Now, hold the OnePlus 5T power button for around 40 seconds and connect your device to the PC after this using USB cable.

Step 3: Once the connection is established, now you have to open the Device Manager on your PC by typing “devmgmt.msc” in the Run windows.

Step 4: After this, you need to search for your device. Use the name of [Unknown Device: QHUSB_BULK].

Step 5: The next step is to update the driver by right-clicking on it. Click on “browse” button appear on the screen and simply pick the folder where the OnePlus 5T processor drivers file is present.

Step 6: Now, your device will be listed as Qualcomm 9008, shown in the image below.

Step 7: Open the Unbrick tool for OnePlus 5T you downloaded earlier and run the file MSM Download Tool V4.0 after you are done with updating drivers.

Step 8: After installing the tool, now open it and click on the Start Button at the top of it.

Step 9: This will start the program to write distinct files on your device. Let it complete post which you can terminate the phone and PC connection.

Step 10: Finally, you have to download the Full OxygenOS Firmware and.

After doing this, you dead phone will live again. So, this is all for this article. Hope you have successfully unbricked your OnePlus 5T smartphone using this guide. For any query related to this article, comment below. If you have any other method of unbricking OnePlus 5T, share it with us.

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