How to Use Microsoft Edge’s ‘Continue on PC’ feature on Android

Surfing your Android browser and suddenly find something interesting page which you instantly want to share to your Windows PC for further research and study, but can’t find any appropriate way of doing this. Now don’t worry, Microsoft has launched a new feature called“Continue on PC” with the help of which you can share links of anyfrom yourto Windows PC.

With the change in technology and release of advanced features for improving the productivity of users, Microsoft has also done a great job by committing to the vision of cross-platform support with popular mobile platforms. After providing better sync with, Microsoft is making its future secure in the Smartphone market.

The new “Continue on PC” feature allows you to share the website opened on your mobile browser instantly to the Windows PC with just one click. So, here are the steps you need to follow to set up this feature and switch between devices with just a touch of a button.

Before you can use the Continue to PC Feature of Microsoft’s Edge Browser on your Windows 10 PC, here is what you need to do. You first have to link your android phone and connect it to your Personal Computer.

Steps to Link Your Android Phone With Windows 10 PC

Before starting with web page sharing with your Windows 10 PC, you have to first link your Android phone to your Windows 10 PC. So, here are the steps to link your phone to PC.

Step 1: The first step to link your phone to youris to just open the Settings in your. There you will see different options in the form of tiles.

Step 2: From these options, you will see an Add Phone Option. After clicking on this option, a new dialog box will appear. Now, it will ask for yournumber to send the text message with the link of the app required to enable web sharing from any browser.

Step 3: Now, a pop-up dialog box will appear on your screen which will ask you to select your country’s area code and enter the phone number of the device you want to link with your Windows 10 PC. After filling all the details hit send and you will receive a confirmation message reading “Text sent. Check your phone!“. For reference, see the image below.

Step 4: After doing all the above steps, now again go to the Phone Menu. There you will see that your Phone name will appear. This means that the setup from the PC end is completed.

Step 5: Now switch your focus from PC to your phone. Open the text message sent byto your phone and click on the link in it. You will be redirected toto install the application names as Microsoft Apps required to go further.

Step 6: Now, after installing this app, you will be almost done. This app will enable you to share the web page open in any other browser rather than Edgeon your smartphone. Just run theand tap on the Menu button. from there choose the Share option and then choose the “Continue on PC” option as shown in thebelow.

Web Page Sharing From Microsoft Edge Preview on Android to Windows 10 PC

After completing the above steps, you have now completed your phone linking to your Windows 10 PC. Now, it’s time to use Microsoft Edge’s ‘Continue on PC’ feature on Android. For doing this, again follow these steps.

Step 1: First Download and openon your Android Smartphone and then open the webpage you want to share with your linked Windows 10 PC. This app is available on Android Play Store for free. After you open the website, at the bottom end of the browser you will see a new icon at the very center. This is the Continue on PC button.

Step 2: After clicking on this icon, you will see two sharing options, i.e Continue Now or Continue Later. After clicking on Continue Now option, you will be asked to choose the name of your device from the list to share the opened web page on the Edge browser on yourPC.

Step 3: After choosing the name of your device, a“Sent! Check Your PC” is also displayed on your phone browser screen once the work is done. See the image below for your reference.


So the “Continue on PC” along with Microsoft Edgeon Android is the best possible way to share the link links of the web page from Android to Windows PC. Before the release of this feature by Microsoft, you have to use some third party application for doing this. Now, you can now connect your smartphones, running Android or iOS, to all of your, laptops or even tablet PCs.

Now I am wrapping up this post with the hope of that you will get success in your task and this guide will be helpful to you. If this method works properly with your Android or, then please share it with your friends and also on Social Media.

If you want to share some new and more advanced method of doing this task, then please share with us. Your suggestions and comments are always acceptable.

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